About Us

MMF was founded In 2017, since then MMF has grown as a business self employment to being in business of 10 employees.

We have growth potential and trusted ability in establishing meaningful relationships with our existing and new clients. Quality has been our proven and most profound record of customer service.

MMF Offers unique and professional abilities and capabilities in construction, technology, civil engineering, plumbing and electrical  as well as PPE. Providing innovative multitalented construction solutions that ensure product quality.

Our services are well recognized and well placed in the marketing industries due to hard work and excellent customer services all over Gauteng region.


MMF Aims to secure and service customers. The Company is committed to creating value for their customers, by better quality services and will empower their workforce by the required skills , which enable them to more efficient and reduce the superfluous cost of all forms of waste, thus making the business more effective and profitable for parties involved.

Marketing Strategy

MMF Focuses on strengthening its relationship with existing and new customers by reviewing its service levels in an ongoing basis as well as supporting the community and the youth of South Africa which is the benefit of the country’s infrastructure growth.


To grow into a company that is recognized by all industries and that can meet the needs of their clients timorously and expand into different area of trading in construction. To strive to archive employment growth and to be recognized as a wealth renowned company.